Germany Inbound

You expect…

As a foreign entrepreneur offering products and services in Germany you want to Focus on your core business. So you need a tax advisor and accountant who takes care of all German compliance issues for you. For Setting up your business in Germany you Need advice on how to best structure your market entry from a legal and tax perspective.

Your consultant should fully understand the issues you need solved and with you look for the solution best fitting your needs. Therefore your consultant has to be highly qualified and experienced in national and international tax and accounting issues.

Once the investment is up and running, you expect excellent service, responsiveness and cooperation at a competitive price. Your Consultant informs you about material tax risks and gives a clear recommendation on how to solve such issues.

Your consultant should be able to offer a legal residence for your subsidiary if needed as well as back-office services for your business.

Working with clients from across the world who are successfully doing business in Germany forms a major part of our business. With our specialized English speaking INBOUND TEAM we typically help foreign Investors in  Germany with the following issues:

  • International Tax Issues
  • VAT and Payroll Taxation
  • Permanent Establishment Issues and Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Compliance and Tax Audits

  • Statutory Accounts / Compliance
  • Reconciliation of German to International Accounting Standards
  • Internationale Rechnungslegung
  • Group Reporting
  • Audit Services

  • Legal Residence Services
  • Administration of files and correspondence
  • Sonderprüfungen
  • Payments

  • Structuring the investment (branch, subsidiary, choice of legal form, acquisitions and joint ventures)
  • Due Diligence / Valuation

  • Star Trac Germany GmbH
  • Hemsö Group
  • Excelitas Group
  • PerkinElmer Group
  • Telit Group

You are intending to do business in Germany and look for a structure that serves your needs best.

You may be negotiating with a joint venture partner who wants to assist you doing business in Germany or acquire an existing company in order to facilitate market entry.

Once you have founded a subsidiary or a branch in Germany, you need help with tax compliance, statutory accounting and Group reporting as well as dealing with payroll and social security taxes and filings.

How can we assist you?

  • We advise you on entry strategies and the adequate structure (registered branch, permanent establishment, subsidiary)
  • We advise you on the consequences of a permanent establishment and how to optimize.
  • For a subsidiary the advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms will be regarded and a recommendation made.
  • If needed we recommend lawyers fromour network for the contractual work and the founding of the company.
  • For a Joint Venture the best contractual structure has to be found: aspects like financing, participation quota, intellectual property rights and exit strategies influence this choice
  • We assist you with the financial due diligence of a joint venture partner or of a company you want to acquire.

  • The subsidiary or branch will be registered for VAT, corporate tax or trade tax.
  • We compile and file income, VAT and payroll tax declarations.
  • We assist with employee secondments and related tax and social security issues.
  • In case of profit distributions and licence payments we apply for exemptions from or reduction of withholding taxes and file the necessary declarations.
  • VAT issues that arise in the day-to-day business have to be solved on a timely basis to avoid additional tax payments in a later tax field audit.
  • Transfer Pricing between parent Company and subsidiary has to be set up at an arm’s length and documented for tax authorities.

  • We keep statutory books and fulfil documentation and publication requirements.
  • Statutory figures are integrated in a group reporting based on your individual requirements.

  • You can set up residence of a subsidiary at our office location if you do not have local employees.
  • We help you to set up German bank accounts and can execute payments to your creditors on your behalf if needed.
  • We forward all correspondence we receive on to you and take care of it in accordance with your instructions.