…Expanding Horizons
Being Involved.

As dedicated consultants we are interested in what is going on beyond our own horizons, which we engage with in very different ways. As an example we would like to present just a few:

  • Pape & Co. contributes to professional annotations, in order to make deeper professional knowledge accessible to a wider audience.
  • Pape & Co. provides professional trainers.
  • Pape & Co. is involved with evobis, the Munich-based organisation for start-up entrepreneurs, as sponsor, juror and coach. We enjoy the start-up community and are convinced that that a functioning infrastructure for new enterprises is of vital importance for Southern Bavaria as a the business location.

  • Pape & Co. is involved in local business development and policy making through its membership of the board of the Trade and Industry Association in Landkreis Traunstein and its election to the committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.