Performance. Spirit.
People make the difference.

The people who work with us share our values and are in line with our clients‘ goals. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and attend to the things that need attending to.

Synergy between craft and college.

Our special culture of working together makes possible things that are impossible in many consultancy organisations: the synergy between our professional craft and the academic world of college.

On the one hand we cultivate the craft of our profession in our employees by developing the classic skills of accountancy‘s occupational profile: training school leavers, instructing our assistants in book keeping and preparing balance sheets, and providing hands-on experience of supporting of small SMEs.

On the other hand, we employ college graduates, who we develop into German tax advisers – and where appropriate qualified auditors – in two to three years. They subsequently undertake specialised projects with our top consultants.

Top performance with fun and spirit.

Our clients, and we ourselves, expect maximum performance every day, which ensures that our demand for excellent results is well-founded . We are passionately involved with tax problems, both small and large, and are delighted when we see that our work has been simply good!

This enthusiasm makes the difference of working at Pape & Co. We call this feeling, whereby performance increases through successful and trusting working relationships, the Pape & Co. Spirit.

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