SME & Start-Ups

We take care…

40 % of failed start-up entrepreneurs cite the lack of commercial expertise as one of the reasons for their company’s failure. 54% of start-up entrepreneurs lack the required commercial know-how and 99% are without the necessary competence in tax matters. While these skills alone do not lead to success, their absence regularly leads to failure – irrespective of how good the idea is. As start-up specialists and due to our daily business with start-up entrepreneurs, we have these skills and we help you to avoid mistakes and take care that you do:

  • the right things,
  • at the right time,
  • in the right way.

We accompany you from founding your company, via the processes of growth and internationalization right up to your exit and support you in words and deeds. We take care that you avoid the typical start-up mistakes, tackle key issues at the appropriate time and run your business smoothly from a commercial and tax perspective.

We are your sparring partner in all entrepreneurial decisions and support you in all commercial and tax matters.

  • Choice of corporate form
  • Legal formation
  • “Family & Friends” program

  • Tax registration
  • Inclusion of pre-formation costs in your start-up
  • VAT: when, where and how much?
  • Tax optimization
  • Internationalization

  • Company planning
  • Support during financing rounds and negotiations
  • Reporting / Report writing
  • Controlling
  • Exit / Restructuring / Insolvency

  • Monthly financial accounting
  • Monthly payroll
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Annual audit

  • E5 GmbH

  • eGym GmbH
  • open ideas GmbH
  • Magazino GmbH
  • Freeletics GmbH
  • iThera Medical GmbH
  • kontextR GmbH
  • medineering GmbH
  • Adnymics GmbH