Tax Consulting

The complex and highly regulated tax system has led to almost every business decision having taxation consequences, which have to be promptly and comprehensively investigated and taken into account. With our competence we assist you in optimising your business strategy regarding tax. Our tax advisors specialise into the following areas:

Advice on Tax Matters.
  • Taxation consulting to optimise your business strategy
  • Analysis of tax strategy
  • Changes in corporate form restructuring
  • Set-Up of fund structures
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Expertise in individual tax problems
Tax Declaration.
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Checking tax assessments
  • Application for deferral and depreciation
Representation of clients with the tax and social security authorities.
  • Tax office proceedings
  • Tax law actions and summary proceedings
  • Tax field audit and audit of social security contributions
  • Finance courts
  • Federal finance courts

Within our field of expertise we take up legal issues in matters where there’s a direct bearing on our assignment and the assignment cannot be successfully completed without legal consulting. If necessary, thorough legal advice can be offered through specialist lawyers working in close cooperation with us.