For excellent solutions.

Knowledge and competence set the natural foundation for our success.

For us at Pape & Co. personal competence is as important as professional competence, so we refine our team’s skills in both fields.


Personal competence is the foundation for a trust-based working relationship with our clients, team and network partners.

Values such as sincerity, fairness, openness, thoughtfulness and respect are very important to us. From these values social competence develops, the prerequisite for us coming quickly and directly to the point, thereby bringing you further.

For us, personal development means that we develop good professionals into mature consultants.


Professional competence is our raison d‘être. We are there to do the things which our clients can‘t do themselves.

Our spectrum stretches from issues of civil and corporate law, via the wide range of accountancy services and business management, to the complex field of tax law.

Our special culture of close, uncomplicated and trust-based working relationships ensures that difficult questions end up with the expert who can best answer them – whether in-house or within our network.

Further, we continually invest in standardised processes and solutions. For our clients this means that we have quick, tried and tested solutions on hand for frequently asked questions, which save both time and money for you and us.