Creating relevance

What drives us? How do we achieve the things that really count for you? Creating Relevance. Creating what is important. And our way is just like us…


We are convinced that consultations from person to person is the difference that makes a difference – for your success and for our team. The basis is trust and the values that we live by. With both sides being sure, we concentrate on what really matters – together.


What are you getting into with us? Think straight, talk straight. We are open and honest – with you and with each other. And we keep asking questions until we have broken down even the most complex issues into straightforward questions and answers. Really understanding and being understood enables us to do the right thing for you.


Are you looking for a sparring partner for all your business concerns? Or do you prefer to talk directly with a specialist? With us you get both. We do a balancing act for you. Irrespective of whether you have a concrete need, changing requirements or many questions. We are flexible.

You expect us to always have our finger on the pulse in tax and economic matters – and to maintain the highest of standards of quality? That´s why we keep moving and are constantly developing our processes, standards and systems, as well as ourselves. And we put together a team for your needs that supports you best.


Why do you need us? What counts as a success for you? What is it really about? With our consulting approach „Helping Clients Succeed“  these are the first questions we resolve with you. And then we decide together, if and how we work with each other.


We take responsibility, and not only for our clients and our team. Our commitment goes far beyond that – from workshops for company founders within the framework of BayStartUP to courses offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for medium-sized enterprises, from enabling a work-life balance for our employees (officially recognized since 2013) to our annual sponsoring and Christmas donation campaings for regional social organizations that lie close to our hearts.